Whether you're a DC Comics fan or not, you've probably heard of Blue Beetle. If not, you should know that he's a super villain who's been around for quite some time and has been a big part of the DCU. As such, it's no surprise that he's getting his own movie. And according to a new report, we may finally have a synopsis of the film's plot. In fact, it sounds like there's even a little cameo from Batman.

Jason Sudeikis to play Blue Beetle

Until yesterday, Jason Sudeikis was rumored to be playing Ted Kord in the DC Comics movie Blue Beetle. But yesterday, the rumor was debunked. This is a good sign for Warner Bros., because they must be thrilled with the script of the film. The movie is set to be released in theaters August 18, 2023. This will be the first Latino superhero movie in the DC universe, and it seems like they're looking to make it a success.

The character Ted Kord is expected to be mentored by Jaime Reyes. The film will also feature Victoria Kord, who is believed to be Ted's wife. There's not a lot known about the relationship between the two.

If Sudeikis does play the character, it will open up a whole new opportunity for him. He could potentially join the DCEU and become a part of the Booster Gold team.

If he does play Ted Kord, there are rumors that he'll have a small role in the movie. He will likely appear in flashbacks.

Batman to make a cameo appearance

Whether it is an early Batman comic or something else, the fact that Ben Affleck will be a part of the upcoming DC movie, The Flash, is a big deal. His presence is expected to connect the film to the current DC continuity.

The Flash will introduce unprecedented changes to the DCEU. It will feature a Batman starring Michael Keaton and another character - Barry Allen - who will attempt to save his mother from the hands of the evil Doctor Death. The story will tie into a new comic book storyline called Flashpoint.

The Flash is a film that will "rewrite" the DCEU, according to producer Andy Muschietti. It will also feature Jason Momoa, who is playing Aquaman. But it is unclear if Affleck's role will be substantial. He will likely be a part of the Justice League.

The DCEU has been working on new projects since Man of Steel. A number of spinoffs have been made. The first of these, Batgirl, was cancelled after the DCEU announcement.

Green Lantern series still in the works

Despite a rumored demise, the Green Lantern series is still in the works. This time, the project is moving forward, with a 2024 release date. However, the upcoming show will not be the same one as its predecessor. This new take will have a smaller budget and be more HBO-like in its development.

The DC reboot was first announced in 2019. The series will follow a young John Stewart, who becomes a Black Lantern and the first African-American superhero in DC Comics. The plot will be very vague, but it is expected to include multiple time periods.

It is not yet known who will be the main creative force behind the new series. Nevertheless, it is expected to be a significant one.

The new Green Lantern series is being created by Berlanti Productions, which is also responsible for producing DC's Titans and Dead Boys Detectives. It is expected that the show will be a direct-to-streaming event, and is expected to debut sometime during 2024.

Wonder Woman 3 not moving forward

Despite the recent news that Wonder Woman 3 will not be moving forward, the Wonder Woman reboot is still a popular movie. It opened to a $103 million opening weekend and grossed $412 million domestically. Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman, recently tweeted a message thanking her fans. However, she could not have known the film's fate when she tweeted.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the news that Wonder Woman 3 would not be made. It was revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures executives informed Patty Jenkins that the movie's script did not fit into the new DC universe plan. As a result, the director was unable to proceed with the project.

The studios are now developing a new plan for the DC Universe. This is expected to include animated projects connecting live-action television series. Some of the titles currently up for grabs are Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Adam, and Man of Steel.

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