Oliver Skipp has come to the rescue when Tottenham desperately need Rodrigo Bentancur's athleticism and press resistance. However, due to a knee injury, the Uruguayan will miss the remainder of this season.

Tottenham are facing a precarious situation after an eventful week that saw Hugo Lloris retire, Yves Bissouma have surgery and wing-back Ryan Sessegnon sustain a severe hamstring strain.

  1. Goal

Tottenham's midfield was left with an enormous hole when Rodrigo Bentancur suffered an injury that will keep him out for six months. He had been one of the key figures behind their midfield stability this season and his absence is expected to have a detrimental effect on Tottenham's chances of qualifying for the Champions League.

Thankfully, the club has some talented youngsters in Oliver Skipp and Pape Matar Sarr who can fill in for Bentancur and Yves Bissouma while they are sidelined.

Skipp has always been an impressive passer and brings a lot of energy to the ball, which makes him an invaluable asset in the team. Furthermore, he displays discipline by consistently committing tackles - something Antonio Conte looks for when selecting defensive midfielders.

He's an invaluable asset to the team, but this week will be especially challenging for Spurs as Bentancur is set to miss the remainder of the season along with Yves Bissouma and Ryan Sessegnon who both suffered hamstring injuries. Hopefully some of our younger players can step up and help the club get back on track before their crucial match against AC Milan in two weeks' time.

  1. Effort

Spurs have had a difficult time lately, falling back from top four status due to Rodrigo Bentancur's knee injury. With Pierre-Emile Hojberg also sidelined, it will now be up to younger players like Skipp to fill the void created.

Skipp has done an outstanding job on the training pitch. His confidence in himself was evident during his performance against Chelsea.

He made a team-high three interceptions against Chelsea, while also gaining possession five times. While he still needs to prove himself against an experienced AC Milan side, his performances in the Premier League so far have already demonstrated his quality.

Tottenham have suffered a huge setback with Rodrigo Bentancur's death, yet they can still find success with their young stars. Although they must find a way to beat Manchester United on Monday night, Tottenham are in an advantageous position after beating Chelsea.

  1. Influence

Skipp has only made two Premier League appearances this season, but he already has a significant role for Spurs. His speed on the ball and ability to play with confidence make him an asset in the squad.

He's an impressively smart, analytical midfielder. With a degree in Sports Science from Oxford University under his belt, he had already served as a sports science consultant to England youth teams before making the first team.

His intelligence has enabled him to carve a career as an elite Premier League midfielder. Mauricio Pochettino believes he can become a regular at Tottenham.

Skipp's role as an influential member of a side that recently added Rodrigo Bentancur and Yves Bissouma makes it difficult to predict where he'll start. It's possible he could make the squad at some point during January, but with Conte as head coach it's difficult to say for certain.

  1. Goalkeeping

When a team's keeper is on the field, one of the most essential abilities they must demonstrate is having mental fortitude. Keepers often come into critical moments that determine whether a game will be won or lost and thus must possess strong mental fortitude to stay composed and focused during these trying moments.

Over the past couple of weeks, Antonio Conte has had to rely on youngster Oliver Skipp to fill in for Rodrigo Bentancur's injury. Despite his age, the 22-year-old has shown tremendous promise.

His success comes from his ability to effectively communicate with teammates, to keep an eye on the ball, and remain focused in difficult circumstances.

Uruguayan midfielder Luis Suarez, who joins Juventus for EUR19 million, is a defensively-minded player. While his defensive duels per 90 and challenges per-90 are similar to Pierre Hojbjerg and Oliver Skipp's, his level of line-breaking passes is lower than both players combined.